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Interview: Midday Swim

1. You guys have really only been together for a little under a year. Is it intimidating getting into this business, or has the scene been welcoming to you guys?

David: We've been really well received. We've actually been playing music together for quite a while. We had all been in different high school bands together and in different projects. We've been writing and rehearsing these songs and we've gained quite a bit of confidence by getting great feedback from the audience, friends and family, so we're really excited to keep playing and sharing the music with everyone. 



2. You music really hangs onto the summer vibe, and you spend a lot of time at the cottage where you guys basically formed. Is that a sort of staple sound that you want to hang onto? 

Definitely! We want our music to be a celebration of who we are and for people to get lost in a dreamy vibe in the sound of it. Having the songs finished at the cottage, we do some writing, quite a bit of writing in the city, so getting up at the cottage and having the environment influence us and feeling so relaxed up there, it really adds to the laid back sound of the tunes.  

3. With your early start, it’s really impressive to note that you guys have had two successful singles in under six months. That’s really great! Is it alarming to see such a sudden success, or do you feel it’s something that grows on you the more you see it?

Thanks, yea, we're really excited to see our music so well received and it makes us feel like we're onto something that people are responding well too and we just want to keep working hard at getting the next tune and the next tune and the next tune out. Our album comes out May 1st and we're really excited to be showing the people who come out to our live shows, that's where they really get to hear the album.

4. Your debut album is expected to come out this May. What was the recording process like? What was it like to actually be in the studio and properly recording your music?

It was really fun. Our drummer Max tracked a couple of songs and we'd go record guitars and vocals at the cottage and we recorded this album in two parts; the first in the summer and it was a really fun time up at the cottage and actually go swimming and have fires and hang out with friends. And then in the winter time we went up and it was freezing cold. It was actually the coldest weekend of the whole year. Luckily our friend Blair was bale to bring our gear down from the top of the hill to the cottage on his snow mobile. That was quite a different experience in comparison to what we did in the summer because there was no running water this time around. It was very fun though that we got to relax once again. It was so quiet up there and we really got to focus on the music and really experience what the music was like without hearing anything else. We really enjoyed taking our time because we didn't feel too much pressure to complete it quickly and to create a sonic escape backed with rock music. We enjoyed taking our time and not feeling rushed in the studio and we enjoyed doing it ourselves. 

5. This is also your first time playing CMW, is it nerve wracking playing festivals in front of crowds who may not be familiar with your music, or is it more so encouraging?

We're really looking forward to that cause it ties in with our CD coming out, and the national and international audiences that come as well as some industries, so we're excited to see them come out. From the response we've been getting with playing shows, it's been amazing. Sometimes before we finish playing a song the audience picks up on the words and they join along singing with us which is something we encourage and truly love. We're really looking forward to people celebrating with us and having a good time because this kind of music is made for people to enjoy themselves.