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September Favourites

Hi all!

It's fall as heck in Toronto now becuase October is here! And with a new month, it means a new post on favourites. My September was a little crazy, but really awesome, and as usual, here's what stood out for me the most in terms of music, makeup, books, and movies/TV. Here we go!


Many of you may remember Taking Back Sunday back in their early and (very) emo pop-punk days. Songs like Cute (without the E), and MakeDamnSure were stand alone hits, but with their latest effort, TBS have taken a new turn in their music stylings. Their new album Tidal Waves has less of the emo cry, and carries more of a punk rock sound, and it works. Some of the tracks sound similar to The Gaslight Anthem and Against Me! which helps to put Taking Back Sunday in a brand new category. If you're looking for a good and fast rock record, this'd be it!


If I could pick one makeup brand to wear for the rest of my life, it'd be Kat Von D's beauty line. Not only are all products in prime shape in terms of colours and applications, but the quality is unbelievable. On top of it all, it's cruelty free. For September, I'm going with her latest release, the Project Chimps everlasting liquid lipstick. This special limited edition lipstick is a gorgeous deep red that is perfect for the fall time. It's not too bright and not too dark, making it ideal for all skin tones. On top of it, all the proceeds go to Project Chimps, a nonprofit organization aimed at making unprecedented advances for captive chimpanzees, providing them with lifetime care in sanctuaries. The colour is available both in stores, at Sephora, and online, but only for a limited time, so be sure to get a killer fall colour AND help a great cause. 



I had heard a lot of amazing things about this book, but I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Brain on Fire is the true story about Susannah Cahalan, a New York journalist who unexpectedly becomes ill. She begins to experience hallucinations, personality changes, and even forgets basic functions like speaking in full sentences and spelling her name. She sees several doctors and they can't figure out what is wrong with her. Finally she sees a specialist at NYU who does several tests to discover that she has an autoimmune disease, and works with her on her road to recovery. The story is told in first person and chronicles her personal life and how it's effected her friends and family. The book was recently turned into a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Although a challenging read with a lot of medical jargon, a lot of it is well researched and explained thoroughly for those who may not understand a lot of what is shared in the novel. Definitely a compelling read. 



I know, I know, Parks and Recreation isn't really anything new, but it is always noteworthy. I finally joined the rest of the world and started watching it and I am in love. For those who don't know, Parks & Recreation is about Leslie Knope, the deputy director of the parks department in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, and the various situations and obstacles that happen in the parks department. I was already on board with the incredible cast including Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza, and Chris Pratt. As well the creative team is associated with my favourite show (Greg Daniels-The Office) so that was another bonus. On top of that, they both carry a mocumentary style, which is probably one of my favourites. So a win all around. 

I hope you all had a wonderful September, and I'd love to hear about some of your favourites! Let me know in the comments.